The college has a rich history of Sports, Students Activities are not only well planned but they are well prepared and enough motivated. The students proficient in sports and extra curricular activities are not only awarded and appreciated but they are given partial or complete fee wavers. For almost a decade the post of ‘Physical Director’ is vacant, yet the college is performing remarkably well in its sports activities. The Sports In-charge, in support with the college administrative and teaching staff, is taking care of the college sport. The college sports persons are representing our college at university Inter-zonal Levels, University Levels and Inter-University Levels. Our sportsmen are representing our college at the state level and Inter-state level also. We have very good sports complex which includes

  1. Full-fledge cricket ground with 5 turf wickets and a pavilion (Another new pavilion is under construction)
  2. 2 Basket ball courts
  3. 1 Tennis Court
  4. Volley Ball Grounds
  5. Running Tracks
  6. Jumping Pits and Throwing Points
  7. NCC shooting range (Built Up)

Sports Achievements:

  1. 2000          Chirag Brahmabhatta selected to play under 22 Gujarat Cricket Team
  2. 2001          Student Moin Kadri, representing Gujarat State under 22 Cricket Team played against Mumbai and Maharastra.
  3. 2002          Moin Kadri played Ranji Trophy for Gujarat State Team at Pune.
  4. 2002          Chirag Brahmabhatta played Ranji Trophy for Gujarat State Team at Pune.
  5. 2002          Chirag Brahmabhatta ‘Player of the Day’ for world Rotary Cricket festival 2002 at Christ Church New Zealand.
  6. 2003          Moin Kadri selected to play for under 25 Gujarat State team.
  7. 2003          Inter University Tournament, Nayka Harisingh K. for Athletics at Gulberga
  8. 2004          Inter University tournament, Nayka Harisingh K. for Athletics at Jamshedpur.
  9. 2004          Inter University Tournament Chaudhary Vishnu M. for Athletics at Jamshedpur.
  10. 2005          Inter University Tournament Nayka Harisingh K. for Cross-Country: Gulburga.
  11. 2005          Inter University Tournament, Chaudhary Vishnu M. for Athletics at Nagarjunanagar.
  12. 2006          Inter University wrestling Championship, Khasia Kalubhai, for wrestling at Rohtak-Haryana.

For the sports persons the following Incentives are given:

  1. Fees waivers.
  2. Partial fees.
  3. Free ships.
  4. Sports Scholarship.
  5. Cash Awards and Medals are given.
  6. Sportman & Sportwoman of the year Awards.