The Aims and Motives of The Nadiad Education Society

Our main aim is to give Child Education, Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, College Education, Technical Education, Physical Education, Vocational Training, Social Education, Fine Arts, Cultural Activities, Social Services, Medical Services, Medical College as well as medical hospital etc.

The Society will work for the betterment of education in these areas.

Schools, Universities, Libraries, Boarding houses, Playground in Nadiad as well as in other towns of Kheda District.

The Society is also working for financial and other help to the needy and deserving students in the form of scholarships, concession, Prizes, Award, Certificates etc.

Our aim is to spread knowledge in the field of Science, Commerce, Arts, and Social Sciences etc.

We monitor and manage works such as collecting funds for above mentioned aims and motives, establishing, hiring and buying of real estates and managing money time to time.

The Society is free for the entire property of the society of it can be sold, can be removed, can be restructured to maintain, to add, to increase, to expand, to replace, to hire, to mortgage, and transfer the rights to the other person or intuition to fulfill above mentioned aims and motives.

List institutes working under the society

  1. J & J College of Science
  2. M.S. Bhagat and Sonawala Law College
  3. I.V. Patel College of Commerce
  4. C.B. Patel Arts College
  5. Smt.T.J.  Patel Commerce College
  6. M. Bhagat & S. C. Sonawala High School
  7. Smt.Shardaben Patel Ipcowala Primary School

Management of the Society

Shri Shrikantbhai R. Patel


Shri Kiranbhai
R. Patel

Vice President

Shri Shaileshbhai
R. Patel

Vice President

Shri Aditbhai
H. Dalal

Vice President

Shri Pankajbhai
V. Desai

Invitee Vice President

Shri Ketanbhai
C. Shah

1st Hon. Secretary

Shri Bhupendrabhai
B. Desai

2nd Hon. Secretary

Shri Chandrakant
P. Patel

Joint Secretary

Shri Parsottambhai
C. Patel