The mission of C.B. Patel Arts College, Nadiad is to promote higher education in our society for all the castes. The institute endeavors to promote social, cultural and professional values and norms like coexistence, cooperation, self-reliance, hard work, self-regulation etc. The Institution is very keen to promote professional practices among Students of the institution to enable them to become competent as well as professional.

The institution tries to the spread the message of education among the illiterate people as well as among those people who possess negative attitude towards education. The institute also provides vocational opportunities through Guidance and Counseling to make them self-reliant to improve their social, economical as well as cultural status. All the activities of the institution lead to one goal i.e. Empowerment of the Youth.


C.B. Patel Arts College, Nadiad was established in June 1948 with view to provide higher education in the field of Education. The main philosophy is to prepare students with higher skills and attitudes for society. The institute also brings social awareness about importance of education in the Global World of 21stcentury. Through education our institute also spreads the message of Gender Equity in Indian society. The institute strives not only to make students self-reliant but also empower them how to survive in dominated society.